What ‘They’ Say! about SHE Talks

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1-day SHE Talks workshop 

“you are no doubt an expert in public speaking practices and there is nothing like this out there, well done. I did not expect what was delivered here today. I was just joining for my friend. I am already an established speaker and I must say your workshop is highly beneficial. I am inspired and have learnt a lot today! I look forward to learning more from you.” – Anonymous (Professional Public Speaker)


12 Week Immersive Speakers Lab

“So inspired fur ! Thank u for today ! Your beautiful words and pearls of wisdom are really helpful! Loving the growth” Charmaine Adam during the training.

Charmaine Adam at the conclusion of training on the SHE Talks® Youtube Channel https://youtu.be/skdBi7pHME8edback 

Photographer Leah Mitchell ” Thank you Fur Ann Wale, It was a pleasure working with you. I really enjoyed listening to all the women’s inspirational talks too, you did an amazing job putting this event together. Thanks again. 😀🖒xx “

Feedback on Fur Wale as a Keynote Speaker and Business owner “Fur Wale is one incredibly gifted woman who is authentic, passionate, wise and driven. There is nothing she cannot achieve!” Crystal Davis form Borderless Business

Feedback on Fur Wale as a Keynote Speaker 2009 “Fur Wale has been invited to speak and in-addition deliver inspirational workshops at many events with over 200 people, local Government, Mayor and Council in attendance. All with one key purpose – to define what living on your own terms really looks like. While the topics she is requested to deliver may vary, what the audience is always seeking remains the same – to ‘GET IT’. Fur Wale always gifts her audience with the big Aha.” Sandy Joffe CEO Port Phillip Community Group.

Feedback on Fur Wale as a Keynote Speaker 2008 “Fur Wale is an inspiring role model and mentor. She is committed to inspiring and empowering women and as a consequence, their community, their partners, their children.” Port Phillip Community Group.
Feedback on Fur Wale as a Keynote Speaker 2017
“Fur Wale is one of the most gifted inspirational speaker I have had the privilege of having at my recent event – The Parici Spring Racing High Tea Fashion Party. She has a remarkable presence as a speaker and easily connects with the audience. Indeed, she is a great trainer in regards to inspiring women and becoming the best versions of themselves in an uplifting manner. I have known Fur for the last 3 years now and everytime I meet her, she always has something encouraging to say with a radiant smile. She is a very articulate woman who brings passion and enthusiasm to everything she does. I would highly recommend her for she has the power to positively impact a lot of lives.” ~Pareena Naggea Marketing and Business Development Manager at Seed Training Group

Feedback from a SHE Talks® Workshop + Meetup

“Wonderful program , very eye opening”

“There is Nothing like this! This is just what I’ve been needing! Thank you!”

“Love SHE Talks”

“lovely session with other women. Very good experience of my life”

“Inspiring people. It;s the most rewarding work and you are great  in doing it . . . Thanks”

“Love the atmosphere! Thanks for organising”

“What an amazing group of women – feeling inspired! Thank you so much Fur!”

“Beautiful space”

“Thank you for being you + inspiring us to be us”

“Learn the postures, breathing technique on very 1st day. U added more value to myself”

“Building confidence, inspirational and touching”

“Safe and beautiful environment + empowering”

“Loved the authenticity & warmth. Keep it up”

“Thank you for this wonderful workshop. It was inspiring & motivating and I could relate with other sisters in the group. Keep spreading your message”

“So inspiring Fur – you’ve done it again!”

“Inspirational, motivational. Felt like it was made for women like us”

“So inspiring & empowering! Thank you!”

“Thank you for creating such a precious space for the female voice to resonate!”

“Be you, be comfortable, brave and amazing. You are truly enough. Be you”

Very inspiring, encouraging & positive”


“Moving & inspirational”

Sue Mathieson “Looking forward to a fun afternoon”
Sue Mathieson ” Had a great afternoon!!”

Caron Margarete “Isn’t the workshop great?! Sunday’s are family day otherwise I’d keep going.”

“Thanks Fur, It was a lovely afternoon. Your sessions are always so powerful. – note left at reception!”

“Hi Fur, it was a wonderful experience yesterday. You have a beautiful energy, your heart is open and is demonstrated in the wealth of advice you offered. Thank you so much for your personalised attention. I see myself on TED stage as well. Looking forward to working with you to make it happen. 💜Christine ”  Christine Cripps

“Thanks for today really enjoyed it. Just what I needed can’t wait until next month 🙂 🙂 Lucky there was a finishing time because I could of listened to your wisdom all day. Sarah” – Sarah Jane

SHE Talks – My Big Idea event 2018

“Had a great time. Was a wonderful initiative Fur ” ~ Clearly Quirky

“This event was everything that it set out to be….Quite often, we as women struggle to overcome a number of ideologies on how we should act, we have concerns on how we are perceived and this begins a process of internalising, which then ultimately effects the experience you have of us in the outer world.
As soon as I stepped into SHE Talks last night, I knew I was in the right place. The warm, comforting and nurturing energy was everything a woman living in her true essence should be.
All of this was because of this phenomenal woman, Fur Ann Wale… Your vision and message is infectious. My mind turned on at 5am this morning and won’t let me rest haha!
Your spirit and journey hit a personal note, and I want to thank you and all the speakers, mc’s and other amazing hosts for a beautiful experience.
I look forward to aligning and supporting any ventures you have in the future.
Please feel free to tag. Powers. 💜”  Cece Louise

“Was fantastic all the women, their talks and the whole event was magical xXxX” Effie Chaniotis


MC LYN SEMLER “Hello all! SOOOO sorry I’ve been so very slow in getting in touch. (Seem to have had a crazy week AND I’m really bad at Facebook!) Anyway, just wanted to say how fabulous I thought you all were last week. You looked gorgeous and more importantly presented your stories with dynamic conviction & a deep passion leaving your audience sincerely engrossed, warmed & touched. It was a pleasure to be involved in my small way & truly lovely to meet you all. Thanks Fur for the opportunity. Big hugs. XXX Lyn Semler (MC!)”
Kc Lea Grace Van Lammeren .. this is the event I was talking about .. have a watch x

Teaghan Lee “Wish I was there! I hope there will be more.”

FROM THE SPEAKERS of SHE Talks – My Big Idea 2018

Charmaine Adam “Thank u to all the open minds and hearts ♥️ that attended ! Thank u to all the crew who assisted , and to Fur and the team I’m inspired by each of your stories ! My man passes the evaluation test . I will make time to smell the roses 🌹. I am more aware of the support that chronic illness needs! I see the elderly as a source of wisdom. I will make the time to learn more about politics. I have new rituals to support the environment and will not fall into ambivalence! And if I do! I know the steps for transformation! Love u ladies !”

I would recommend She Talks to anyone especially anyone with a fear of public speaking I undertook the 12 weeks workshops with Fur and gained so much more confidence and the ability to overcome my anxiety. For our graduation I was able to speak about my passion in front of 140 people and thoroughly enjoyed it as well as all the training!” Carly Morisson Business Owner at Psychic Dreaming

 Feedback on SHE Talks®Coaching

“This is my recommendation for the work of SHE Talks. SHE Talks is a remarkable platform and not only for the effective and compassionate training. The opportunity as a woman to grow in public speaking skill and settle with ease into doing so is made so much more of a comfortable exercise between peers for the express reason that it is carried out in front of a community of women. Women have also developed the training.
As a speaker and workshop facilitator I recognise the worth inherent in this offering. I feel this is an exciting time as the feminine presence is being recognised for the strength and relevance apparent.
SHE Public Speaker Training Platform gives me much faith in the future of speaker training and for the development of careers for women speakers.” ~ Eva Sifis
Project Officer, Trainer with Women with Disabilities Vic and Arts Access Vic / Director of By Accident.

1:1 Coaching

“Hello my name is Eli, I experienced a car accident in 19.., after that I suffered with feeling displaced, depressed and even suicidal. I felt unsafe and needed to be watched 24/7. I felt at times that I was going crazy. I needed to take my mind off it. I wanted to be myself without all the distressing thoughts. So I joined RAG Theatre Community Acting Group because I was recommended to it as a place I could feel safe and supported without anyone needing to know my story. That is where I met Fur Wale.

I was on tour with RAG and our first day of rehearsals overwhelmed me. I had to leave the space. Fur came out after me, sat next to me and asked if she could know what was going on in my mind and if she could offer some tips to help me feel better. For the first time I experienced a dramatic shift of my focus away from self-destructive and as Fur calls it; “un-resourceful- thinking”. Fur continued to teach me how to practice resourceful thinking.

Fur mentors me once a week. She sticks a post-it-note to the inside of my computer and sends me home with one to stick on my mirror at home to read every day. Some of the first ones were “have I gotten out of my way” and “it’s not in my way, it is on my way” and “things are actually always working out for me”, “May I be liberated as never before”. These brought me so much relief. I’d be like, Oh ye and I could breathe deeply again.

She helped me move my thinking from un-resourceful to resourceful by looking at everything in a new way. Fur also taught me some things to do to distract my mind from distractive thoughts like staring at my hand and studying it and seeing just how fascinating and amazing it is. She got me to to this for 10 minutes and I found myself feeling calmer and and happier and able to have better thoughts about everything. All these small shifts in how I see the world and myself dramatically shifted me into a feeling better, especially at night when everyone else is asleep and I’m alone with my thoughts. I used to struggle terribly. My mind would be turning on me, I wanted to die and I would sometimes need to be admitted into hospital. What Fur taught me, the tools she gave me to get beyond this has really helped me more than I can say. I no longer feel suicidal and everyday depression is now only when I have been triggered by something highly emotional, but even then I can get myself into a better feeling stage and get enough space in my mind to see the bigger picture and the possibility of a good outcome from what would have previously sent my head into an uncontrollable spin into hell.

I was born with a disability called Cohens. Fur helped me to realise that we are all ‘differently abled’ and have stuff that limits us but actually I am me no matter what and when I want to do something there’s not much that stops me.

I now understand that our state of mind is the most important thing that we have and we have the ability to choose how we think feel and act in ways that create happiness and positive outcomes. Fur’s showing me resourceful thinking is what is help me become stable. I am just happier and happier day by day by day by day. Now with this new clarity I see solutions not dark places that I’m stuck in, I no longer feel stuck, I no longer feel dark, I feel clearer and I am starting to really get things because things are falling into place. I have ah-ha moments when I realise that it’s me who has been creating my negativity. I’ve been seeing things as being against me, reading into things meaning that I’m not good enough and life is cruel but it’s not Life is how we choose it to be. I used to always say to myself “Why me” and “Whats wrong with me” but I don’t feel that way anymore because I know now that whatever happened, that does’t make me bad or wrong. I have all this confidence now because I actually really admire myself. I come to realise all this thanks to the work I’ve been doing the last 2 years actually with Fur Wale.

I would highly recommend Fur as a mentor for any situation because no matter what I told her, she sat with me and listened to me and asked me questions and always had a solution that brought clarity and peace to my mind whether it’s personal or if it’s to do with a business idea or a creative project or that I’m wanting to do. She seems to have all the answers and one thing about her that is really special is even though she is willing to give me the answers she makes me do all the work to get there so that I actually meeting her in the same place, coming up with a similar solution or I’m able to really get it and click and feel that’s it. So she makes me take responsibility and sometimes it’s really annoying, actually a lot annoying because I just want relief but I can thank her for being patient with me and letting me go through the process and get there.

I highly recommend her in any situation to help anyone. I have a unique cultural upbringing and that has never limited her ability to relate to me. Actually Fur is great with diverse backgrounds and Fur is able to just work with with people no matter what you believe or what your feelings are or your gender or culture background or what type of trauma or disabilities. She just seems to be able to sit with anyone and she gets them. She’s able to get to the heart of them and know what they need to get them to understanding.”

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