Tips for Thinking on Your Feet When You’re Put on the Spot to get up and speak!

Never feel like youve been put on the spot

The thought of getting up to speak unprepared, in a situation you assumed wouldn’t require your input, can be unsettling.

Because you are going to be known as a Public Speaker, you are going to experience these moments. There are ways to be prepared for these impromptu times!

Here’s how to get skilled in responding to the call to get up and speak when you weren’t expecting to.

  1. As always, take a moment to take some deep breaths to to tap into your authentic presence, expand your diaphragm to access your ‘authoritative’ woody tone of voice and send extra oxygen to your brain for focus.
  2. Remind yourself, it does not need to be complex! Speak on what you know.  Simple is good when you share one or two stories from your own experience to powerfully deliver the message.
  3. Instead of attempting to sound smart or look good, authentically connect with the message you’ve been requested to share.
  4. Really be over with the audience, engaging with them and not stuck in your head thinking what to say.
  5. Smile.
  6. Say thank you to the person who invited you up and then “Thank You” to the audience to  finish.
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