SHE Talks Offerings

Ensure that what matters to you gains a credible start & goes on to become genuinely successful and personally satisfying. 

SHE Talks is customised to your desired outcomes. The programs are flexible with dates/timings/durations – with exception of Speakers Lab + My Big Idea ‘Celebrating Women’s Bright Minds. Complimentary Ongoing Support

Morning & Evening Mindset 63 Day Challenge

BLACK FRIDAY RECEIVE A FREE FULL COACHING SESSION!! EVERY DREAM BEGINS WITH UNLOCKING YOUR POTENTIAL. The ‘Morning & Evening Mindset’ sessions will be your most important learnings this year, to permanently shift what gets in your way or stops you from the life of your dreams – even if you don’t know what that is! – so that you can powerfully create yourself and the future you want and deserve, whatever you want that to be. EMPOWERING QUESTIONS. ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS. What you get: *2 on demand webinars. *Access to me as your personal coach. *3 Bonus audios. *Private virtual lounge with other participants. *Ongoing support. $63.00 for 63 days! IT’S TIME TO SHATTER THE GLASS CEILING YOUR STUCK BENEATH . . .


The Confidence Series – The Confident Speaker

GAIN AN UNSHAKEABLE CONFIDENCE THAT WILL GO WITH YOU EVERYWHERE – IDEAL FOR developing skills for becoming a confident, powerful and successful communicator in all areas of your life. IDEAL FOR becoming a Guest Speaker and Virtual Speaker. What you get: 3 on demand webinars. BONUS audio + cognitive optimisation tool. Rising Star Membership. Private virtual lounge to support your progress plus additional learnings, giveaways, and first access to limited time discounts. Ongoing support BECOME THAT CONFIDENT AND CAPTIVATING SPEAKER


The Credible Speaker

FAST TRACK YOUR WAY TO BECOMING A CREDIBLE SPEAKER Speak with undeniable credibility. Create your signature talk into 3 formats: Pitch, Spot and Guest. IDEAL for being booked as a Guest Speaker, on your way to becoming a Keynote Speaker. What you get: 6 on demand webinars BONUS audio + Guest Speaker request template (for bookings). All Star Membership. Access to additional learnings, giveaways, and first access to limited time discounts.


Find Your Story Find Your Voice

STORYTELLING MASTERCLASS This if for you, if you are wanting to dramatically improve your storytelling skills and polish your delivery. Tailored to the group. Small group of 12 women only! Live coaching session. ONE TIME OFFER $197 (Value $397)


Speakers FAST TRACK to the Stage

BLACK FRIDAY ONLY 50% OFF!! 12 Day – Daily Immersive 1:1 Mentoring: Craft a credible talk out of your ideas & start rehearsing and delivering it ASAP! Let me get you out there captivating audiences in 12 days and ready to take stage! Create 1 min pitch perfect for TEDx and 10/20/40 minute talks. ALL that’s left, is for you to practice. IDEAL for Speakers ready to take that next step onto the TEDx stage. IDEAL for creating an inspirational and transformational Self Authored Keynote. What You Receive * Set up call – Google live document – Assessment of where you are at, what you need and want to achieve, and the milestones for your intentions & goals. * 5 in-person 2hr Mentor Sessions (Phone or Docklands) * Daily 15-minute review by phone (scheduled during prior phone call) * Post Talk Coaching Session Bonuses * Guest Speaker (15-20 mins) at SHE Talks * Video Clip – to get booked * Speakers Sheet – to get booked * Additional relevant tool/s *Lifetime membership On-going Support * Direct access to Fur Wale EASY PAYMENT PLAN to suit you! Non-members $2,994 $40 deposit + 12 instalments SAVE $200 Become a SHE Talks MEMBER pay $68 to Save $200 and pay only $2,794 -*TAKE 50% OFF FOR BLACK FRIDAY 1 DAY SALE Bonus Coaching Pay in full to receive BONUS Coaching


SHE Talks Speakers Lab

BLACK FRIDAY SALE 50% OFF – 1 DAY SALE!! DELIVER TED STYLE TALK TO A LARGE AUDIENCE 12 Week Immersive Public Speaking Training. 12 full day workshops, weekly 1:1 coaching and review, customised tools, photoshoot for professional speaker headshot plus video. BONUS Keynote Speakers Sheet (for bookings) Inner Circle Premium Membership – Lifetime. Ongoing support. Craft a self authored TED style talk and deliver it to a large audience at ‘My Big Idea’ KICKSTARTING YOUR CAREER AS A PROFESSIONAL SPEAKER $90 Deposit plus weekly payments $374.96 (over 8 months). Total Investment $11,999 – NORMALLY 22,999


Female Speaker Event (5 places only!)

SHE Talks My Big Idea ‘Celebrating Women’s Bright & Beautiful Minds’ on 30 August 2020. FOLLOW ON FROM SHE Talks SPEAKERS LAB commencing June 2020. – Kickstarting your career as a speaker – Cost additional to Speakers Lab $325 INCLUDES: Certificate, Show reel, Speakers Sheet to get booked, post event day group-coaching, SHE Talks guest speaker. Lifetime Inner Circle Membership with ongoing support!


1:1 Coaching for Non-Members

BLACK FRIDAY SALE 50% OFF – 1 DAY SALE ONLY!! ASK FOR DISCOUNT DURING C19 – 2 hr immersive session plus review session with Fur Wale. Self author a talk/Polish talk and/or Performance techniques including overcoming barriers. EXAMPLE: 50% Talk 40% Performance 10% overcome barriers. INCLUDES 2 hour 1:1 session, Relevant customised tools, PLUS 15 minute review phone session, and follow up support.


1:1 Coaching for MEMBERS

BLACK FRIDAY SALE 50% OFF $90 (NORMALLY $180) – For SHE Talks Members (you have paid $68 membership fee/attend the Workshop+Meetup) 2 hr immersive session plus review session with Fur Wale. Self author a talk and/or performance techniques, including overcoming barriers. EXAMPLE: 50% Talk 40% Performance 10% overcome barriers. 30 minute review session by phone. Customised tools. 30 minute follow up support. Private virtual lounge – learnings, giveaways, and first access to limited time discounts. Ongoing support. SHE Talks speaking opportunities data base.


Group Mentoring

BLACK FRIDAY SALE!! C19 COST $365 (NORMALLY $665) – Immersive 1.5 hr session with Fur Wale. Self-Mastery Strategies + Identifying The-Next-Step. Mixed-gender. 10 persons max. In person or virtually. Alternative to traditional training – Efficient, flexible, cost‐effective, motivating and fosters relational learning.


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