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Confidence Challenge

SHE Talks® Your Confidence Cheat Sheet

You were born confident! Only, we forget that, because life often takes us down a different pathway. I want to share this forgotten truth, so that you can go beyond where you are with confidence, no matter what the circumstances are or how your feeling. Building confidence is something that simply takes awareness and practice.

I am gifting you something I have created called Your Confidence Cheat Sheet, where you are reminded of your confidence.

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SHE Talks® Confidence Cheat Sheet

10 Day Challenge

SHE Talks® Health Matters


Public Speaking requires Clarity, Concentration, Drive, Energy, Enthusiasm, Focus, Learning and Memory.

The Foods You Eat Affect Your Mind as much as your Body!

– Food is our Medicine –

Food choices are best made with self-awareness and self-respect.

Our outward appearance, mental state and emotions are a strong indication of our inner state of health.

Sometimes the remedy depends on what you take in, and sometimes it’s dependent upon what we leave out.

What we crave is for a reason. If you have a preference for eating crunchy foods, sweet foods, salty foods, sour foods, spicy foods, fatty foods, carbohydrates, chocolate, or dairy – it’s a message! Once you know what those messages mean, you can then make the best food choices for you!

Take the 10 Day Challenge now! – a process that will allow you to become aware of and connect specific emotions, thoughts and physical attributes to food cravings, to be able to make wiser-healthier choices.

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SHE Talks® Health Matters – 10 Day Challenge!


Take the SHE Talks® Gold 100 Challenge!

This is a SHE Talks® tool that gets you into the habit of living up to your potential by creating your truest-truth about who you can be.

This process ‘Thoughts-Words-Condition’ must include belief and knowing, releasing all doubts and a Manifesting Statement.

How to connect to and anchor your Manifesting Statements daily!

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SHE Talks® Gold 100 Challenge!

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