About SHE Talks

SHE Talks® aims to inspire women to their personal power (within them) to transform the world around them, through Public Speaking.

 “When she drops unresourceful expectations, gets ‘out of her own way’ and comes from an authentic state with confidence, sharing her profound message, it changes how she feels about herself, it changes her life, and it changes the world!  . . . then she is empowered”

SHE Talks® role has to do with the essentials that effectively assist women to get to that personal, empowered, authentic place where success resides.

Through the cultivation of authenticity, presence, true confidence, vulnerability, self-trust and self-responsibility, alongside imperfection, whilst acknowledging that we all are a work-in-progress, as we are opening our heart and mind to unlimited-possibility, raising up our community, and acquiring relevant resourceful strategies and skills.

SHE Talks® focus is on inspiring and self-empowering women to utilise their experience and authentic presence to share their unique messages with others, whether it is within their business, their community, their family events, or the globe.

I aim to understand and advance women as individuals by embracing their diverse ways of being and performing,          to help them confidently captivate                                         and inspire their audiences. You can be YOU &                     be SUCCESSFUL, because of it!

~ Fur Wale

SHE Talks®

Be surrounded by exceptional women.

Meet other curious, driven, and sociable women in an atmosphere of exploration and enjoyment.


Public Speaking is a rewarding lifestyle and there is a big call for women speakers in 2019. . . . It’s time to Kick-start your Speakers Journey!

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Take the initiative Join SHE Talks®

I am looking forward to getting you the outcomes you need and deserve to get you out there captivating audiences!.

Time to make it happen . . 

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…exciting times ahead in 2018!

The Grass Thrives Where we Water it!

~ Fur Wale

SHE Talks®

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