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There was a time in my life when I felt anxious.  

At 16 years of age, I went through an unforeseen traumatic period of time.

Those life altering events left me feeling as though my future had been permanently stolen from me – replaced with living with fear.  I thought that I would never be able to live my dream of being a speaker and writer.


I would not trade those years


I discovered a profound truth! We can in-fact become fearless! AND, when we are true to our authentic self – our empowered state, we are successful by default!

meI am equipped, and driven, to guide others in getting out of their struggle (whatever that is), turning-up-the-dial on their authenticity and create their vision of a successful life.

This is a challenge, in a world that dictates to us, that we need to act in a way that pleases others, if we want to feel ‘worth’, in place of being loyal to our innermost truth where we are worthy beyond compare.

Women are the most powerful role models we have – It is time for them to stand for their Truth. I want woman to claim their empowered state and be the expert. Changing the world with their voice and their message!

I am a passionate about guiding individuals to determine their own version of authenticity and success for themselves, their business and life. To create the life that illuminates them and enables them to inspire others to their greatness.

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SHE Talks® training enables women to overcome blocks, expertly self-author a talk, speak credibly with authentic presence, captivate audiences, and revel in it, whether it’s to a large audience or just that one person.

I intend for each person to resourcefully acquire the knowledge, skills, tools and strategies to make this a reality in their life.

This is achieved through talks, workshops and mentoring.

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My ExperienceMY BACKGROUND is in public speaking, mentoring, writing, leadership, women’s empowerment, group facilitation, behavioural science, emotional intelligence, sports psychology, emceeing, theatre, radio, TV presenting and Modelling.

An RMIT Alumni since 2015, mentoring RMIT entrepreneurship students, also leading universities in northern India, training TEDx speakers, non-profit organisations, female footballers, community groups, small business owners, mums involved in their community and graduating students ready to share their leading edge message with the globe

I have been in business for myself, speaking and mentoring for over 20 years. My knowledge is based on the science of human behaviour, neuroscience, self-mastery, emotional intelligence and authentic state.


Newsletter_Website-3WATCH this highlight from a 10 minute TED style talk I delivered about removing uncertainty ‘Ambivalence’ and the ‘4 stages of readiness for change’ at ‘My Big Idea’
…an audience member has an Ah-Ha moment!

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. . . when we drop unrealistic expectations, get out of our own way and come from an authentic state with confidence, it changes how we feel about ourself, it changes how others perceives us, changing our life and positively effecting the world!

visit bibomusic.co-11you get to

This is why I choose to be a SPEAKER,  AND assist women in one of the greatest self-confidence platforms, PUBLIC SPEAKING!

Public Speaking is a rewarding lifestyle and there is a big call for women speakers in 2018. It’s time to Kick-start your Speakers Journey!


Come along to one of the SHE Talks workshops where there is a wealth of wisdom to be gained, opportunities to speak and exceptional company.

I am looking forward to getting you the outcomes you need and deserve to get you out there captivating audiences!.

Time to make it happen!

Dear future I am ready

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