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. . . if you need to get over what’s holding you back from being confident & successful

. . . If you want to become a credible and captivating Public Speaker

You will love the SHE Talks® platform


This is what (Really) goes into personal success that works! 

This program is grounded in a practical model of transformative growth and development practices  so that you can focus on what matters to you and so that your efforts are genuinely effective. 

This program develops in you, an unshakeable foundation upon which all success is built. Upon which you can learn any skill you want for your life, without taking self-sabotage with you and without ever having to feel like an imposter.


“This changed my life”

“It will meet all of your needs! It will give you the framework!

It will give you break-throughs! it will take you to another level!

It will change your life!” 

~ Sherryn Bowers



“I overcame fear!”

      “Wow this platform is like nothing else.

In just 2 hours I overcame my fearfulness around public speaking!!!!

I loved the SHE Talks The Confidence series.

     Every women needs to work with Fur.

          Fur Wale is truly incredible! Just do it!

~ Fifi Chandler



“I will never be the same!”

“I would recommend SHE Talks and Fur Wale to anyone, and especially anyone with a fear of public speaking.

I undertook the SHE Talks Speakers Lab, 12 weeks of immersive workshops and mentoring with Fur Wale and gained so much Public Speaking confidence and credibility, as well as the ability to permanently overcome my anxiety.

For our graduation I was able to speak about my passion in front of 140 people at SHE Talks ‘My Big Idea’ and so thoroughly enjoyed it!

I will never be the same, thanks to all of the in-depth training!”

~ Business Owner Carly Morrison

Carly Morrison



“We endorse SHE Talks!”

 “As a result of the work that SHE Talks does, women are able to radically transform ‘fear’ and share their message with absolute authenticity, confidence and credibility!” Vision Australia


Tim Gard

“I believe in SHE Talks”

“I believe in the work that you do for women!” #1 Hall of Fame Speaker Tim Gard


“SHE Talks is just the kind of medicine the world needs right now.

“Dreaming up a more positive, sustainable and connected future is just the kind of medicine the world needs right now. She Talks is an initiative that empowers and equips women with real skills and confidence to build a better world and it’s just the kind of movement I can get behind. Changing your world and the one around you can start with one single step – this could be it.” Facebook & Twitter Australia ant-bullying advisors ‘Project Rockit’ CEO Rosie Thomas



SHE Talks® is the most effective feminine self-mastery platform for women based in  growth & development practices and  Public Speaking skills.

SHE Talks was nominated as Business of the Decade in 2019 “Creating new benchmarks in Public Speaking” 

SHE Talks® training is specific, practical, inspiring, sustainable, and customised to the individuals needs.

There is no age limit or required level of experience or readiness.


SHE Talks Vision

 “I just love everything about growth & development and Public Speaking because that is what shifted me out of being anxious, reserved and feeling like I didn’t have something valuable to share with the world.

Now I get to guide and unlock others!

It is through The Speakers Journey that we discover our authentic potential”

– SHE Talks Fur Wale


            It’s time for you to flourish authentically and bring that to the world!

The life you want depends on you taking action!


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Time to Kick-start your Journey!

. . . here’s to a beautifully successful 2020

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Sandy Joffe


“Fur Wale has been invited to speak at many events with over 100 people, local Government, Mayor and Council in attendance, and deliver creative projects, all with one key purpose – to define what living on your own terms really looks like. While the topics she is requested to deliver may vary, what the audience is always seeking remains the same – to ‘GET IT’ Fur Wale always gifts her audience with the big Aha.”


Pareena Naggea

Marketing Coordinator at Melbourne Business School Melbourne University

“Fur Wale is one of the most gifted inspirational speaker I have had the privilege of having at my recent event – The Parici Spring Racing High Tea Fashion Party. She has a remarkable presence as a speaker and easily connects with the audience. Indeed, she is a great trainer in regards to inspiring women and becoming the best versions of themselves in an uplifting manner. I have known Fur for the last 3 years now and everytime I meet her, she always has something encouraging to say with a radiant smile. She is a very articulate woman who brings passion and enthusiasm to everything she does. I would highly recommend her for she has the power to positively impact a lot of lives.”

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