WHY Women aren’t Speaking Up!!

Women are almost 50% less likely than men to get up to speak or speak up boldly compared to men.

Women are 50% less likely to ask questions in business scenarios.

. . . the feedback from women is that they didn’t think of themselves as smart enough, or they felt nervous and the males were bolder, or they were worried that they were going to misunderstood the content or context expected.

This is predominantly because we are all born into a ‘reward and punishment’ culture and especially females have been held to the standard of “Be a good girl”.

The Female tendency therefore is to hold back, not be a “show-off”.

We must consider that, women might need more time to formulate questions and work up the nerve to speak.

The way that SHE Talks faces this, is by creating a powerful foundation of AUTHENTIC PRESENCE with each individual. A place from which confidence comes from and upon which any skills can be built.

SHE Talks® Speak. Hear. Empower.

The Speakers Journey

1. ‘Morning & Evening’ Mindset
Permanently shift self sabotage and unlock your potential in 63 DAYS

2. The Confidence Series – The Confident Speaker
Gain an unshakeable confidence that will go with you everywhere. Become that confident and captivating self actualised Speaker.

3. The Credible Speaker Series
Fast track your way to becoming a Keynote Speaker

4. The Speaker Lab + Female Speaker Event
Create your signature TEDx style Keynote talk and have the opportunity to deliver it to a large Melbourne CBD Audience.

5. Leader Speaker Retreat
Become a Bold Leading Edge Leader

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