WHAT should be taught – before Technique!

Public Speaker training is being taught as a syllabus of techniques (skills), because that’s what is seen as ‘all’ that is needed (the outcome), understood as being what all individuals who are wanting to become a speaker need to know (the technique), and it’s easier to teach.

The focus in Australia is heavily on techniques, and especially, the training is a prescriptive method, a ‘Cookie-cutter-style’ (the same for every individual), where you learn how to move, when to move, what gestures to use, how to vary your voice, when to vary your voice, how to engage with proximity, and how to manipulate the audience, and how to memorise. Then, each person is measured on how well they match (imitate) the technique.

Often, those who do Speaker Training have never spoken from a platform (stage) before.

This ‘cookie-cutter-style’ of learning and learning techniques first, becomes a barrier to confidence, because now, there’s ALL of ‘this’ to remember and a whole lot more to get wrong! As though, the individual wasn’t already uncertain or nervous, and even fearful of public speaking.

If this is you, getting you to learn technique before you learn to shift what gets in the way of being the type of speaker you want to be, how to generate confidence & authentic presence, and getting comfortable with that uncomfortable feeling of getting up to speak, is like putting the cart before the horse. And, when you are taught the same method for every one, you are no longer an individual. You are putting the brakes-on (your authentic presence) while trying to accelerate!

For us to be confident, credible and captivating, we must FIRST learn to shift out of the ‘critical-mind’ and be authentically present with the audience, which causes you to be captivating by default AND simply PRACTICE getting comfortable with that uncomfortable feeling, of it being your turn to speak! This is the FIRST STEP.

The SECOND STEP is to script (create) a self authored talk around your core-message, that you as an individual can be proud of delivering, as well as being one that an audience wants to hear.

Then the THIRD STEP, where the technique (Public Speaking Skills) are introduced authentically; where you discover your authentic gestures, voice and movement style. Where your delivery is based on the messages you want to send the audience, through body language (not those same-old prescriptive patterns taught to every one). Now, you get to perform and revel in it!

Don’t learn the technique first!

Let you and your message be first!

So that you can become the CONFIDENT, CREDIBLE and CAPTIVATING communicator you want to be, and were born to be!!!

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