7 Ways to be a Fearless Speaker!

I have gained an exceeding amount of insights into what it takes to be a fearless person.

As a stage performer, explored from a young age, being in front of large audiences and faced with unprecedented expectations.

Having experienced an unimaginable measure of traumatic experiences, at 16 years of age, left without the reinforcement of parents or siblings or relatives. Not even friends, the same age as me, how could they understand what I was going through. Forced to be responsible for my own state of being in the world at large.

Writing for the well known Melbourne ‘Beat Magazine, without any training. Sent to music gigs with only one bit of information to go by “Take one good photo and write a punchy piece about the feature band.”

Writing the centre pages of a newly released paper ‘Town and Country’ with the expectation of my content bringing readers to it.

Working in front of the camera as an editorial Model. As a “Talented” yet inexperienced model, facing apprehension about my worthiness for the role.

Finding my self being a presenter for a TV show. Covering events and interviewing reputable officials without needed time for preparation before the filming of each piece.

Being called upon to create and deliver speeches or emcee, in front of audiences as large as one-thousand people, with all sorts of officials in attendance, formed from a brief that was necessary to competently fulfil.

Creating and running workshops and big events. Dealing with an exceptional magnitude of uncertainty and unpredictability.

I gained the capacity to accurately realise the significance of ‘fear’.

It takes being able to tap into your greatness to be a fearless speaker!

I have observed the difference between those who tap into their greatness and those who do not.

Those who do not, act from the veil of fear. They make the error of falling for and entertaining the stories at the source of their fears. Unable to move forward in their lives with the evolving uncertainty.

I discovered how to disappear fear in my life. It began as an extremely tiring and demanding experience of wrangling with my inner critic. Finally, engaging in a process of being present to the experience, and independent thinking to free my self from buying into that unremitting inner ‘survival’ dialogue.

My practices prepared me for huge performances without having to work myself up and freak out!

Now, I am predisposed to acting from my potential ‘Fearlessly’, as distinct from taking on the critical thoughts that cause fear.

HERE are 7 Ways for YOU to be a Fearless Speaker!

  1. STOP and pause – BREATHE deeply.
  2. BECOME PRESENT to what you are thinking.
  3. DON’T ADD ANYTHING to the ‘fear’.
  4. PUT ‘fear’ INTO PERSPECTIVE by launching another thought into that space.
  5. GET PRESENT TO YOUR AUTHENTICITY not pretending, nothing to hide, not with-holding, nothing to prove.
  6. BE GRATEFUL stop trying to look good or be perfect.

REMEMBER that fear is a label that you will or won’t apply to a combination of circumstances, thoughts and feelings.

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