7 Steps to Become A Fearless Speaker

HOW to Be a Fearless Speaker and BE A CAPTIVATING

1. YOU MUST FIRST step outside from behind your critical mind.

2. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable with getting up to speak.

3. Be AUTHENTIC: Not withholding – make a stand for what you believe in and what you believe the audience would benefit from hearing. Not pretending – don’t try to be how you think a speaker should be. Be unapologetically you, so that you can freely and powerfully deliver your message.

4. Set your INTENTION on the audience.

5. Be PRESENT by being available to the moment. So that you can read the audience and powerfully deliver what they came for.

6. ENGAGE the audience – you especially do this through body language.

7. Be in a state of GRATITUDE.

REMEMBER that fear is a label that you will or won’t apply to a combination of circumstances, thoughts and feelings.

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