Expression of Interest are Open to Women!!!

BECOME SPEAKER at SHE Talks – My Big Idea 

‘Celebrating Women’s Bright & Beautiful Minds’

– Audience of 200 attendees.

SHE Talks®


  • You have fear around Public Speaking
  • You have no professional training. 
Radically Transform Fear!!!

SHE Talks® provides an empowering platform for women to discover their personal genius. 

As a result of the work that SHE Talks® delivers, individuals are able to radically transform fear of Public speaking. 

SHE Talks has an UNSHAKEABLE belief in your potential, which is why SHE Talks is all in to get you the results you need and want!

Captivate Your Audience!!!
Expressions of Interest to receive Information Package

SHE Talks® ‘Captivate Your Audience!

M 0406 417 463

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