Food for Thought – Australia Day

On 1946, January 26 was called Australia Day in all states and territories.

Australia Day is a public holiday because it marks the day of colonisation, made possible by explorers.

Australia has a less-than-noble history – something that not only our Australian Aboriginal brothers & sisters feel. Australia Day not only excludes Aboriginals, in a true sense it celebrates victory over them.

Our challenge as Australian’s living in Australia is to commit to NOT-REPEAT-MISTAKES of the past, whilst at the same time BE PROUD of the achievements Australia has made.

. . . the appreciation and celebration of achievements allow us to move forward and to release the bonds of the past atrocities, to pathe a new and compassionate way for us all.

Worth mentioning is that Australia country was founded in 1901, by a vote and not a war and Australia’s citizenry is a multicultural one.

LETS embrace Australia’s diversity of race, traditions and way of living . . .

LETS really learn about and value our 40,000 years of Indigenous history.

LETS be grateful for the stable and safe system of governance.

LETS appreciate the different cultures and faiths who have arrived to enjoy the freedom we often take for granted.

Perhaps think about this, as you pack the snags and tomato sauce, and the pavlova alongside the curry and rice when you pack your picnic for the beach, as you play cricket with family and friends on this day, LETS find a way to include our Indigenous history also!

Food for Thought this Australia Day xo

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