THIS IS the time of year when many WOMEN begin to feel like a ‘Failure’ – HOW to radically transform it!

This is the time of year when many women begin to feel like a ‘failure’, now that the focus of festivities and holidays are over and it’s back to ‘it’. . .

“I didn’t exactly achieve what I wanted to last year!”

“I’m mad at myself for letting 2018 slip away! It was supposed to be a good year for me but I wasted time.”

” I feel quite frustrated with myself because, one year later, I didn’t achieve a single big goal on my list of goals.”

No-one could help but feel a sense of overwhelment while looking at all the things that haven’t been achieved – These lists exist to inspire you to take action and make the most of your time and your life, usually, goal setting and bucket lists give you clarity and the every next-first-step – YET they can often make you feel more like you haven’t done enough.

IT IS IMPORTANT to not lose sight of what you-have-achieved so far!

BEFORE writing down what you hope to achieve in 2019, write down everything you’ve accomplished in 2018 that you are proud of – all of it, the small accomplishments, the small steps that make up the big goal, the personal ones as well as professional and the big outcomes . . . Milk it!
OR, get really inspired by writing down everything you have achieved so far in your life – a reminder of how far you’ve come!

WHAT a Reverse-Bucket-List does . . .

Writing a Reverse-Bucket-List
** creates a new perspective.
** is an exercise in gratitude.
** sends the message to your brain that you are making progress.
** inspires you to take action.

and you will have a list of outcomes and experiences you can be proud of. This uplifting practice is self-inspiring and it will allow you to move forward with your big goals.

Each year I write a Reverse Bucket list at the end of my holidays. I always think I haven’t done as much as I could and “I wanted to achieve MORE” BUT after writing my list, I feel proud and inspired to personally-evolve and give back even more!

Here is mine to demonstrate what I mean (adding to my list it as I recall what I am proud of) . . .

  • Trekked a medium-difficulty Himalayan mountain, using a mediation breathing technique of only breathing through the nose to increase energy and focusing on the pauses between breathes allowing me to leave the ‘defeated’ story (self dialogue) aside. Thanks to the encouragement of Disha Vyass and Aarti Sharma.
  • Emceed 12 profile events and delivered 13 Talks.
  • Attracted an amazing SHE Talks® Team! Cant admire and Thank You enough for your gracious assisatnce Amanda Lj, Shelly Bubblez, Maria Thomas and @Colleen Critch
  • SHE Talks received acknowledgement as ‘Business of the Decade’
  • SHE Talks® grew! and I mentored hundreds of women!
  • Ran workshops ‘SHE Talks Small Talk Confidently
    for Dating’ and they have taken off!!!!!
  • Ran a test “SHE Talks Feminine Sensual-Sexuality’ seminar which was well received (to be further developed and delivered in 2019). Thanks to co-facillitation with Maria Thomas
  • Ran a test ‘SHE Talks Captivating Video for Social Media’ workshop which was well received (requires a second facilitator and a photographer to be sourced and delivered in 2019). Thanks to co-facillitation with 8 Week Plant Based Body @Sarah Jayne
  • Mentored RMIT Entrepreneurship students RMIT Activator
  • Modelled ‘Liz Davenport’ on a runway to raise money for Scleroderma Scleroderma Victoria Thanks to Amanda Lj President of Scleroderma and Liz Davenport for the opportunity to once again model for you.
  • Traveled by myself to China, Northern India and Malaysia.
  • Instead of making a New Years Resolution, I took immediate action!
  • Inspired to get my licence and have a vehicle for SHE Talks® (after 2 decades of not being interested in driving after being a passenger in a car that had a head on accident).
  • Bought a Mercedes Smart Car for SHE Talks®. Thanks @Dave for your support!
  • I was present,strong, full of love not fear for Bella’s passing.
  • I called on friends for advice and assistance with Bella (when in palliative care at home) when I would previously shoulder it by myself. Thank you Maria Thomas and Julie Kerdel!
  • Improved speaking Hindi thanks to Udemy online training. 
  • Met with Guru’s parents again (after not feeling strong enough to see them the previous 2 years). Thank You Sissy for being there Davinder Gill 
  • Vigilantly camped at a quarry, walking many kilometres through the night, and went to every house to speak to the tenants and posted daily on social media, in search of ‘Shabimba’ (lost young cat). Thanks to the generous support and effort of animal carer Jason Cichocki 
  • Started doing Yoga every day.
  • Mediated for 12 hours a day at a meditation retreat in India.
  • Demonstrated that a stray cat can isn’t “scary” and can be tamed.
  • Enrolled my niece (paid for) into a personal development course that she didn’t expect and is beyond excited to start! Thanks to Landmark Melbourne for making it a great experience for her!
  • Attended Fashion on the Field for the first time and braved being photographed for the catalogue even though I was drenched from the rain and was’t wearing a current designers garment (because I thought 11pm was too late to make a call to Fashion Designer Lucy Laurita) ( I never went before as I thought it supported horse racing). Thanks to Lynette Pater Giovanni Butera Leiela – Lucy Laurita.
  • Made a big decision regarding my personal life focus and direction that involves ‘not settling’ and trusting that the ‘more’ that I envision is there for me.
  • Risked having a dialogue about a potential project with someone famous!
  • and so on . . .   

HERE”S to an exciting, brilliant, and profoundly rewarding 2019!  

SEE YOU at the next SHE Talks® Workshop or Event.

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