The TRUTH about Being Authentic (and Why It’s Captivating)

We love the behind the scenes truths about others, about ‘How they took their fear and did it anyway’ stories – We eat these stories up because they emanate authenticity, of the ‘not-perfect’ us.

“People follow authenticity. They are searching for it,” says Karissa Thacker who is a psychologist and the author of The Art of Authenticity

She wrote “The drive to be authentic and the drive to be around other authentic human beings goes back all the way . . . positive psychology also tells us that this sense of being true to yourself creates meaning. There’s a drive to be authentic inside all of us. Fundamentally, it’s part of living a meaningful life.”

Although authenticity sounds like it should come naturally because it is an innate  trait were born with, it doesn’t always. That is because we have been conditioned to tuck it out of sight for the sake of “don’t show off”, “Be quiet” and other such requests to please our ‘grown-ups’ and to “consider others considerations”.

The “I am what I am” paradigm is no longer held as true . . .

We can uncover and evolve our authentic state just as we might develop other traits like integrity, compassion, curiosity, kindness or honesty to adapt ourselves to context and situation.

The first step in connecting with your authenticity is tapping into your curiosity and awareness of when you are being INAUTHENTIC to determine when you are in touch with your authentic self (actions and words) – to become aware of the difference. Nobody can tell you what’s authentic for you, that is only discovered by your own curiosity and awareness.

Asking your self “Was that authentic?”  and “Why did I do or say that – Did I feel pressured by context? Was I trying to be right or good or perceived as beneficial or kool?

We need to get over and get comfortable with not being ‘perfect’ – good, right or beneficial or kool in the eyes of others.

When we get up to speak and are Authentically present we allow our gestures to be authentic and purposeful. This organic way of being our self means we are ‘fluid’ making us attractive to the audience and present, in real time, which allows an energetic connection . AUTHENTIC presence connects and moves the audience emotionally.

When you get up to share your story in a SHE Talks Public Speaking Workshop+Meetup, you are getting comfortable with the discomfort of showing your ‘imperfections’ and so called ‘weaknesses’ and you become confident with your authentic way of being in the world!

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