WHY manifestation doesn’t work!

We may feel courageous or effective in our MANIFESTING but are we simply recreating a better version of the past? when what we really want is to radically transform our life and the work we do to uplift our communities.
One of the core obstacles to manifestation is some form of ‘fear’such as holding a belief that tells us we can’t, or must play within others construct, and worry or complaints. These (un-resourceful) practices define and determine how much we’ll risk, and to what ‘limit’.
Another core obstacle to manifestation is ‘reaction’ based on past experience and conditioning, therefore limited to choosing the existing options known to us. Bound within the confines of “The way things are and should be”.
HOW do we move beyond the known, so that we can radically transform our thinking and as a consequence radically transform our life to a place unknown to us?
It is the language, communication and actions we use that brings into manifestation the world we have before us -Resourceful manifestation vs un-resourceful manifestation ©
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