WHY Discomfort has an advantageous upside!

Choose Growth over Comfort
. . . You may be thinking you do,
Yet why do you first choose to be comfortable?- comfort has a counterintuitive downside

– and discomfort has an advantageous upside!

ARE YOU FULLY AWARE that certain temporary ‘discomfort’ aids to increase our long term ‘comfort’ zone? That is because when we get comfortable with being ‘uncomfortable’, It allows us to take risk, take on new responsibilities and step into the unknown!

Life offers us so many opportunities, most of which are likely to involve ‘discomfort’.

Two Examples:

1. The sedentary person who chooses to exercise and move through the ‘discomfort’ to becomes more comfortable with
physical fitness and reach their vision of a fit and healthy physique!

2. The person who feels shy, who chooses to allow themselves to feel reasonable ‘discomfort’ in social situations and speaking publicly, so that they may becomes more comfortable with perceived judgement and speaking in the spotlight.

PUSH YOURSELF past your comfort level to get momentum happening – YET not ‘too’ far, that creates fear around doing it again!

It’s like camping at a camp site before going camping in the wilderness. And accepting that the travel to a new destination will present us with a level of uncomfortableness, yet deliver us with a reward even greater than we’ve experienced before!

Exposing ourselves – our fears, in a environment that supports us is a valuable and growth inducing form of ‘discomfort’.

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