You Must Learn to Brag!

Professional bragging is necessary. That’s because, if others are not aware of what you can do, and even if they do, when you are out of sight, then you are likely to be the furtherest point on their mind.

It’s the ‘Why should anyone purchase your services?’

You do not have to be the best-in-the-world to have the right to brag – You have the right to brag about what you know you can do and speak on!

The key to effectively communicating your capabilities is to be-of-service ASKING ‘Do you need someone who speaks about x?’  Just as important, help them to understand how they will benefit from you as a speaker – this is not a time to be modest. And always let them hear your passion, because ‘passion’ is an indicator of your alignment with the topic.

Stay connected with people and organisations to stay front of mind, to be considered for their next event.

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