ARE YOU adding fuel to your anxiety?

Calm Nerves and Anxiety

When feeling nervous or anxious, and you feel stuck here, not knowing know how to  unravel this feeling, worrying about being evaluated or embarrassing yourself . . .

ARE YOU adding fuel to your anxiety? hyperfocusing on a perceived negative outcome, (catastrophising) all or nothing and what-ifs: Examples: Im not going to recall everything! It’s never going to work out! What if this feeling gets worse and I’m stuck in front of people? What if they don’t like my speech? What if they see me as useless? Who am I to get up and speak?

What is the worst case scenario that you run through your mind? That story you tell your-self? Is it that you will go bright red, stammer over words and fall down?

If it doesn’t work out how you think it should, what do you think that means about you?

If the worst possible outcome happens, could you handle that?

What is the truest truth? ??

Really, is this worry realistic . . . 

Is this really true or does it just seem that way . . .

Really, is this really likely to happen . . .




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