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Some people feel nervous about Public Speaking yet once on stage and passed the initial introduction, they feel good about it and do well.

Others get excited to get up and speak, they look forward to connecting with the audience, to share their message with them.

Most people feel anxiety and a fear of failing at Public Speaking, preventing them from delivering their message and connecting with their audience fully.

In each of these scenarios the brain sends a message to the body to ‘anticipate’ something. The heartbeat increases and the energy in the body is released, we may then experience butterflies and restlessness. FEAR and EXCITEMENT demonstrate the same physical signs.

What happens next is that we take these physical signs and make something of them. We make a prediction of what the physical manifestation means. We create a story.

The brain is ‘predictive’, which means we have a bias towards what occurrences mean, based on the similarity to previous experiences. These include ‘stuff’ we’ve been told, that we’ve hung onto. Therefore, some people tell themselves the story that despite a nervous feeling, they will do well. Others interpret anticipation as exciting. And, for many people they are repeating the story of how it’s not going to be the best experience.

We get to determine what our physiological signs mean because our brain which is predictive seeks an answer for their existence. Instead of acting by default, we can consciously give the answer we choose. The answer could be that these physical-feelings are simply a temporary-physical-change. Rather than add a story of ‘anxiety’. Thereby, elevating the physical sensations of restlessness and tension to feeling sick in the stomach, and having sweaty palms from the excess energy being produced in our body. This choice is using our emotional intelligence resourcefully. This is a self-mastery strategy.

With practice we can get really good at transforming anxiety by controlling our minds interpretation and directive. We get to re-construct our experiences rather than giving in to ‘suffer’ by default.

Be responsible for your interpretations!

Practice this self-mastery strategy until it becomes automatic.

~ Dr. Fur Wale

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