WHAT Fearless Alpha-Women Do Differently from Other Women

The fearless alpha women considers the status quo and chooses the way that creates the life she wants. She risks being judged, to align with her inner truth. She chooses to fill her cup first before trying to fill others. She is courageous by default! instead of being confined by ‘appropriateness’.

She inspires others without trying to, because her knowledge is wisdom carved from her own experience, rather than rote knowledge recounted without enough thought on its application.

She will unintentionally intimidate those that are closed minded, but she has the power to open them up to their own inner proof that they (too) can serve their self well, through illuminating their passion and their desire for sovereignty.

SHE is interested in others journey but hers must come first. . .

1. SHE cultivates a life to be reveled in!

SHE may not initially feel 100% comfortable in her choices but she knows that when she pushes herself, to walk out the door, attend that event, take that class, book that ticket and try that new way of being, that it always works out for the (way) better. SHE understands that life won’t wait for her, that it is up to her to make of life what she wants out of it. SHE chooses the most resourceful thoughts and habits, because she loves being in the driver’s seat! and SHE loves being the creator of her dreams! This is why life excites her! Otherwise life would bore her to literal-tears of frustration and mediocricity!

2. SHE would never put her self-on-hold to accommodate someone else’s idea of who she should be!

SHE creates and nurtures authenticity. SHE is deeply and loyaly connected to her self and her vision, how could abandon her self!

3. SHE is never the victim!

SHE knows people because she knows herself, and she takes interest in others ways of being in the world. SHE understands that we are not all-equal, nor on the same-page, because people are a product of their experiences and choices, we come at life differently, that we all act from a need to acquire something that we seek to ‘feel’, that many act from un-resourceful behaviours leading them to do things that let them selves down. The fearless alpha women’s mantra is ‘Ce la vie!’ – such is life! Still, SHE won’t re-live that negative scenario times over! SHE gets it that she is responsible for her happiness and success. SHE knows that she is in full control of how she reacts to situations. SHE chooses to learn from difficult situations, calling them ‘challenges’. SHE is a roll-up-your-sleeves kinda woman – the opposite from being a victim.

4. SHE lives in courage by choice!

Whatever it is, SHE just makes it happen, in preference to being held back by “what-ifs” and “If-only’s”. . . remember, otherwise SHE would be bored by a life of mediocrity.

5. SHE is fearless!

SHE doesn’t buy into fear because she knows exactly what fear is and what it is for. SHE doesn’t fear the “No” because she understands that ‘no’ is not rejection. SHE knows that she needs to initiate, if something’s going to happen.

6. SHE treats herself as an investment!

SHE accepts that there are younger, smarter, fitter, funnier, sexier women in the world. SHE isn’t stressed by that, because that’s not the point. SHE is defined by her own inner callings and connected to her truth. SHE knows her worthiness, that it innately draws appreciation and respect. SHE is her own best friend and invests in herself unapologetically. SHE takes pride in her self and looks, expanding on all that she is and can be.

7. SHE isn’t dependant on anyone yet SHE has a multitude of close friends!

SHE is self-secure. SHE isn’t looking for a saviour, a plaything, or anyones largesse. SHE isn’t ‘seeking’, because she isn’t ‘lost’ or ‘without’. SHE loves being on her own as much as she loves time spent with others. SHE doesn’t need to have friends for the sake of having people around. SHE doesn’t feel alone without a partner because she never feels alone. SHE see’s a partner as someone on the same trajectory, sharing the exciting journey of life, whilst remaining true to their own path. SHE invites exciting and exceptional into her life. SHE creates and nurtures authentic connections. SHE loves face-to-face time with friends because she gets to revel in the friendship.

8. SHE Never wastes time ‘wishing’ yet SHE is a big-dreamer!.

SHE never wishes things to go differently. SHE gets it that the purpose of the past is to demonstrate to her, more of what she does and doesn’t want, and how to do better for herself in the here and now. SHE has mastered the art of creating a vision as the map of where she wants to go next! SHE looks in the same direction as she is going.

9. SHE calls people out!

SHE is only interested in serving authenticity, therefore out of care for the evolution of authenticity, she will let someone know if she detects bullshit – SHE will call people out, and move forward right then and there.

10. SHE is willing to walk away!

SHE is only interested in being aligned – getting into the authentic flow and creating the magic! SHE invests her time and energy wisely.

11. SHE makes real connections with everyone!

SHE will not swipe-right because SHE understands the need to get below the surface with people. SHE explores real-life connections. SHE values getting out into the world and having human interactions because they expotentially expand life!

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Very few women walk this earth feeling satisfied with their looks or their life, when they could! If only they practiced a resourceful mindset and immersed themselves in more of what they need rather than giving-up to expectation and obligation! ~ Dr. Fur Wale.

~ Dr. Fur Wale


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