How I Permanently Eliminated Fear!

I know there’s a belief that you can’t eliminate fear – but you actually can!

I found it! during the time I personally overcame Post Traumatic Stress (PTS).

My findings went on to be used by Psychologists (including my ‘stages of readiness for change’).

And, I have just discovered that Robert Kiyosaki uses some of the same profound KNOWLEDGE, STRATEGIES and ACTIVITIES I discovered for my self.

During PTS, I thought that the fear was what you had to endure after the trauma. Fear felt like a life sentence. It had robbed me of being my self and of my dream.

Life didn’t seem worth living. All that I had left was stepping-out-of- life or choosing to grab my life by the pointy horns and go for a crazy ride of discovery.

I chose life. I became determined to do everything within my power to see if I could shift the crippling fear that didn’t allow me to leave my home, to where I could get back to my life’s vision of being a Public Speaker!

I began a journey of exploration. What I discovered completely eliminated the soul crushing Fear!


The strategies and activities I created, permanently shifted all FEAR, including fear of Public Speaking!

This profound insight has become my life work! I am so inspired to this wisdom!


I want other women to come face to face with the truth of it and step into their empowered place, where they can authentically be themselves – without fear.

The four ‘stages of readiness for change’ is based upon this knowledge of what fear really is and why we hang onto it. Whilst we live with fear, we cannot take a strong enough stance towards change, towards accomplishing our vision. The majority of the globes population sits in the second stage of change, which is CONTEMPLATION.

Because fear still exists, one is uncertain – profoundly ambivalent ‘I want to, but what if . . .’

I delivered a talk on the stages of change at SHE Talks – My Big Idea 30 AUG 2017 held at Donkey Wheel House, Melbourne CBD.

Here’s a 10 minute excerpt on Youtube  SHE Talks – Eliminate Uncertainty

I run workshops specifically on How to Eliminate Fear. I address eliminating fear in all of the SHE Talks® workshops, also in the SHE Talks® workshop Meetup’s. I use two tools I discovered plus mind-mastery steps, combined to facilitate a permanent shift!

For example: Charmaine Adam, who runs her own business, wasn’t getting as far as she had envisioned. Despite having gone through speaker training with a well known organisation, she lacked clarity and confidence to speak to a large group.

After the SHE Talks® Intensive Speakers Lab training, Charmaine’s message is credible, heartfelt and fearless!

Charmaine was the opening talk at the SHE Talks – My Big Idea event. The SHE Talks Speakers Lab training had completely rid Charmaine of fear. Her opening line was delivered with authentic presence. Charmaine captivated the audience.

She has since been overwhelmingly flooded with interest in her workshops and booked to speak at several big events.

I am a passionate about empowering individuals to create the life that works best for them. I aim to empower individuals to determine their own version of success in business and life, that blends in with their version of a successful life.

I intend for each person to resourcefully aquire the knowledge, skills, tools and strategies to make this a reality in their life.

It is my personal quest to be there to assist others who are willing to do the work.

There was a time in my life at 16 years of age, when I was all alone. Even though I asked for help, no one could help. I went through a rough period of time, which I would never trade. Now I am equipped and driven to help others get out of their struggle, whatever that is, and into their vision of a successful life.

I have been in business for myself, speaking and mentoring for over 20 years. My knowledge is based on the science of human behaviour, self mastery, emotional intelligence and authentic state.

SHE Talks® ‘Celebrating Women’s Bright Minds’ The most effective self development platform for women through Public Speaking.

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Come along on the 5th November to a FREE SHE Talks® workshop Meetup at the SHE Talks Speakers Club House (Public Speaking) in South Melbourne (the gorgeous South Melbourne Market is open that day!) and take advantage of a FREE DAY! Bring a friend. Bring something for note taking.

I am looking forward to meeting you and getting you the outcomes you need and deserve to get you out there captivating audiences!


…exciting times ahead for 2018!                                                                                                          Dr. Fur Wale                                                                                                                          

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SHE Talks® the voice of experience!                                                                         ‘Authentically-Credibly-Expertly’
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